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The Pawn & Pint Post: The Many Layers of Jaeger

Updated: Feb 7, 2019

The Pawn & Pint Post is a series of articles dedicated to the table top role playing adventures taking place at Pawn & Pint. "The Many Layers of Jaeger" is the first of the series and is written to mimic a news article. The following information is intended for entertainment purposes.


Five adventurers encountered what they thought to be a gargoyle shadow monk on one fateful evening at the Pawn and Pint tavern. The adventurers gladly accepted the help of the strange gargoyle as they prepared for potential epic battles. After encounters with a Chaos God and the usual undead horde the group was starting to get used to their new companion. They continued to travel with him even after a weird situation involving the Chaos God and the gargoyle’s hand falling off, regrowing, and then the dismembered hands becoming animated as they continued to help in the battle. The mighty group of adventurers pressed on to go fight a large dragon. Their new gargoyle friend was no match for the dragon and he fell quickly.

Sources then say that the strangest thing happened, Ben rises from the dead as a doppelganger! For those of you unfamiliar, a doppelganger is a creature that can take the form of any humanoid. Sources then confirmed the doppelganger took flight using a cloak of flying and began wailing on the dragon from the air. The party continued to fight valiantly, eventually overwhelming the beast. Reports say the beast then resorted to flopping over with enough force to kill the entire party instantly.

But the doppelganger pulls himself out from the recumbent dragon, yet again as he shed this form to reveal a new one. Ben Jaeger is now an awakened skeleton. Upon crawling out from under the dragon he proclaimed, “I really liked that body.” The original five members and the dragon share a moment of confusion and the party discussed the possibility of ignoring the dragon and focusing their energies on seeing how many forms Ben Jaeger had.

Upon hearing the plan Ben begged the party to only do non-lethal damage. However, the dragon was tired of these shenanigans and decided to use his tale to make bone meal out of this awakened menace. To no one's’ surprise, but to the dragon’s chagrin, the crumbles reassembled into the form of an intellect devourer; think a brain with 4 beast like legs. These gross creatures are known to feed on the intelligence of sentient creatures.

The intellect devourer then used his abilities to take down the dragon. Upon vanquishing the dragon, Mr. Jaeger then possessed the lifeless dragon and proceeded to transform into a human. Ben then thanked the party for their assistance. This brought a sudden realization to the party. They had helped a potentially dangerous man gain the resources of a powerful dragon. The group immediately interrogated the human/dragon/intellect devourer/awakened skeleton/doppelganger/gargoyle thing. “Can we trust you? Did we win? WTF?” To which our shifty character responded,”Yes, don’t worry about it, and don’t worry about it.”

With that Ben Jaeger gathered up his magical items and with superhuman speed ran into the horizon. Reports have come in claiming they have seen Ben Jaeger selling timeshares and attempting to build pyramid schemes in the region. The Pawn and Pint Post would like to remind everyone that we do not condone possession without consent, timeshares, or pyramid schemes.

The adventure happened in Pawn and Pint.

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