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If you like Splendor you might also like Century: Golem Edition


Do you love the simple rules and strategic game play that Splendor has to offer? Splendor, published by Space Cowboys, is a game about collecting jewels, buying resources, and catching the attention of the Nobles. To win the game, players have to be the first one to gain 15 victory points. The points are collected by buying resource cards and attracting the favor of the nobles, each is worth 3 points. Collecting cards is done by using the jewel tokens. On each player’s turn they get to perform one action from a list of four possible actions: take two tokens of the same color, take 3 tokens that are all different colors, reserve a card and take a wild token, or buy a card. The Nobles go to the first person to fulfill the requirement on the tile and it is not considered an action. The resource cards are arranged in a 3 by 4 grid with piles to the left of the rows. The bottom row is the cheapest cards and these are not worth any points; the middle row costs a little more, but offers some points; the top most row is the most expensive and brings in the most points. As cards are purchased players will replace them, which means the cards available are constantly being refreshed. There are many different strategies to victory and your strategy will have to adjust with the number of players and the constant changing of the play area. Many of these mechanics and interactions are familiar in Century: Golem Edition.

Century: Golem Edition

Century: Golem Edition, published by Plan B Games, is another token taking game. Except for in Century the tokens take the shape of shiny opaque stones. These shiny stone objects are arranged on the table in order of value; they start at yellow, progress to green, then to blue, and finally pink. These stones are traded and collected in order to buy golems that all have different point values. The first person to reach 5 golems triggers end game, but just because you were the first to 5 doesn’t mean you will win. Players have to balance points from the golems with the ability to quickly collect them. The strategy side of this game is insanely entertaining as players have options to take cards instead of stones or purchasing golems. The way the game works is on your turn you are allowed to take one of four actions; you can play a card and perform the function of that card, buy an ability card that is added to your hand, rest (pick up the cards in your discard pile and add to your hand), or buy a golem. Players are limited as to how many stones they can have in front of them at one time. This makes it so everyone is balancing the stones they need to buy the golems with the other actions that will allow them to get to their golems faster. This game has a deck builder feel to it, while also having some economy elements as you manage your stones.

Both games utilize token collecting as a form of currency in order to obtain victory points. The conversion of the tokens makes Century: Golem Edition slightly more difficult, which is why I recommend playing Splendor first. Century is the perfect next step once you have played the heck out of Splendor, and the expansion Cities of Splendor, as it adds just a couple additional elements.

TLDR: If you like the mechanics and feel of Splendor you will appreciate the similar elements in Century:Golem Edition.

Both games take about 45 minutes or less to play, so come into Pawn & Pint and give them both a try!

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