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So Many Events, So Little Time: What's Going On at Pawn and Pint in February

Happy February! This month might be short, but it's packed full of events: the Super Bowl, Mardi Gras, Valentine's Day... and, right there with 'em here at Pawn and Pint, Cosplay Day, Planet ComicCon, Kansas City Night, Harry Potter House Night, and literally dozens more!

But first, starting now and going on forever: Happy Hour! From 4:19 - 7:03 every weekday, Monday - Friday, we now have not one but three happy hour specials! We'll be offering different drink specials every day along with a rotating local special, highlighting the delicious Kansas City beer and liquor creations on our dedicated Locals shelf.

Tuesday - Friday will also have a food special: 1/2 off appetizers from The Homesteader Café next door! So swing by after work for a drink, a cocktail based off spirits made right here in KC, and some farm-fresh comfort food.

We're hosting another every-day special this month too: Members get 25% off retail for the entire month of February! If you've been thinking about getting Codenames, a new dice set, one of our custom-printed shirts, this is the opportune moment you've been waiting for.

Not a member? Wanna be? Head over to our Memberships page. We've even brought Lifetime Memberships back for a limited time, so get on that!

Another thing happening all month: We're hosting Ladies Night every single Tuesday! All our gentlewomen will get to play for free on Tuesdays, so get your friends together save your $5 pay-to-plays for one of our happy hour drinks.

And now for some of the special events we're most excited about:

Saturday, February 3, is Southpaw Saturday – which means all you lefties play for free! If you sign your signature for us with your left hand, and it matches the signature on your ID (gotta weed out the fakers), you play all day with no $5 pay-to-play.

Then on Tuesday, February 6, we're hosting KC Pride Night. We love our home here in Kansas City, so to celebrate, we're encouraging everyone to rep the Paris of the Plains. If you come in wearing your favorite KC swag, you play for free! Let's see those Royal and Sporting Blues and that Chiefs Red! Extra kudos if you come wearing one of our custom-designed KC d-20 shirts.

The next day, Wednesday, February 7, is our Scrabble Tournament. If you think you've got an impressive vocabulary, show it off in our randomly matched teams and compete for the highest score over consecutive games. Players with the total highest scores will be awarded prizes, so get reading!

Friday, February 9, is National Wine Day, and we're not passing a chance like that up. We'll have wine deals and discounts at the bar all day and all night, so join us to wind down the work week and toast to the weekend.

We're following up National Wine Day with a Boulevard Takeover: On Monday, February 12, our friends over at Boulevard Brewing Company are challenging you to a Super Fight! We'll have drink specials to hydrate you as you compete against the finest minds Boulevard has to offer in a round of Super Fight.

Super Fight is a party game of super powers and super problems. The game is all about arguing with your friends about ridiculous matches. For example, who would win in a fight: Sherlock Holmes and Barney armed with Segways, or the band Queen with control of Plants?

Can you beat Boulevard and claim your prize? Or will the brewery reign supreme?

Obviously Wednesday, February 14 is Valentine's Day, but we're shaking things up a bit with an unusual event – instead of Cupids, we're hosting Cosplayers! To get ready for PlanetComicon, we're inviting all our cosplayers to come visit us for a cosplay contest: Show up in costume and you play for free, and the Winner gets their picture framed and hung on the wall!

That weekend is PlanetComicon, and we are thrilled to be involved! We're teaming up with Boulevard and Brewery Ommegang – the official brewery of the Game of Thrones beers – on Thursday, February 15 for the Battle for Midwesteros Pub Crawl.

The game will consist of 4 large teams of 50 (Starks, Lannisters, Targaryens, and the Night King’s Army) competing to take the Iron Throne. Each smaller team (1-5 players) will work together to conquer the seven kingdoms – seven local bars – for your house by earning points after completing tasks and challenges at each participating location along the streetcar route. Costumed characters and quests await you!

The game will end at 9:30 pm with an after-party at Magnolia Venue & Urban Garden next door, where the winning team will be revealed and the prizes distributed.

Space is VERY limited, so you will need to act faster than Gendry running back to Eastwatch to guarantee your team a spot. To ensure a balanced game, houses will be randomized. If you are wanting to play with a specific group of people you must buy tickets at the same time to guarantee the same team. Requests will be taken into consideration.

Shoutout to our Seven Kingdoms: Pawn and Pint, Tapcade, The Belfry, The Dubliner KC, Ruins Pub, Up-Down Kansas City, International Tap House, and Crossroads!

Note: As this event is 21+, you must have valid I.D. on the day of the event in order to participate, and all players wishing to participate must sign a waiver/ acknowledgment of the rules when picking up registration.

After registering, you will be sent an email with further instructions and information. Feel free to email with any questions.

Grab your tickets here!

Finally, on the last Friday of the month, February 23, we're hosting our second Harry Potter House Night!

Come in wearing your favorite Harry Potter swag and help your favorite house earn points throughout the day. Whichever House has the most points at Midnight will get their Banner displayed over our bar for the next month, until the next house challenge!

We had a blast at our first Harry Potter House Night in January, especially our Hufflepuffs: Against all official Harry Potter canon, Hufflepuff won the House Cup!

The banner is hanging in our bar, but will it stay there? Or will it be replaced with a blue, green, or – heaven forbid – red banner in a few weeks? Come down and help us determine the winner!

This list only just begins to cover everything we're doing this month, so check out our Calendar page for the full schedule, and head over to our Facebook page for all the information and to get the reminders on your own calendar so you don't forget!

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