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DMs Corner: Twitter Quest, Part 3

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Every day on our Twitter Feed, @DonaldTheDM, our resident Dungeon Master Donald Lewis will post a One-Tweet Dungeons and Dragons Adventure! Anyone can Tweet a response, from which he will choose the best reply to continue the story. The idea is to play a communal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG experience, a story that unfolds one day at a time, one tweet at a time. In the spirit of comic strips like Dick Tracy and Brenda Starr, together we see the adventure unfold one line, one decision, one epic moment at a time!

Periodically we will post an article that compiles the Tweets from the last several Months that make up our Adventure. This is your opportunity to catch up on the story and dive right in! How will your adventure unfold? What exciting tales await your heroic arrival? There’s only one way to find out!

Welcome to the World of Twitter Quest!

. . .

You reveal the plot to poison the Royal Banquet, “Tonight you will be my guests at the Palace, we will end this plot there!” What do you do?

“I shall shine my chain shirt, put on my best tabard and bring as many axes as I can hold. Unless discretion is necessary?”

You arrive at the Palace with the Ambassador’s entourage. The Royal Guards have switched the wine, now to find the plotters. What do you do?

Watch and listen, look for small oddities

You mingle among the Royal Court revelers. A chef looks on edge, a servant seems too observant, a Noble stares right at you. What do you do?

I request the chef be brought over to thank him for the food, and get a closer look seeing just who he is fearing…

The Royal Chef smiles with bravado, but you can see him sweat. He excuses himself to a Supply Room adjacent to the Kitchen. What do you do?

Follow, hand of sword.

You sneak into the Kitchen. The Chef is furious at his aids, the poisoned Wine they had been ordered to serve has been moved! What do you do?

he is not the leader, remain quiet, take note of the faces and wait for him to report to his benefactor

You watch as the Chef orders an Aid to track down the Poisoned Wine, while he goes to report the delay to the others. What do you do?

Follow the chef while the others chase the aid

Knowing the Royal Guard have the Poison Wine secure you follow the Chef. He enters a Guarded room hosting a private entourage. What do you do?

Carefully listen in on the conversation discreetly.

You try to listen in, but fail to hear over the Music. A moment later the Chef & a Noble hurry past you towards the Kitchen. What do you do?

I sigh hoping to have a peaceful evening yet knowing it won’t happen. Turning I follow them, grabbing another drink on the way

You tail the Chef and Noble to the Kitchen, where you’re able to corner them away from the other guests of the Royal Ball. What do you do?

Taking a sip of my drink I glance at them. ” what’s the rush boys?” A small smile appearing from the corner of my mouth.

The Chef pales raising an unsteady hand but before he can speak the Noble barks “Just who do you think you are to interfere?”What do you do?

“I am the one who will set you on flames if you don’t tell me where the poisoned wine and the Alchemist are”

Paling the Noble tries to step back, jarring a table. His hand fumbles toward a filet knife “Alchemist? Never heard of him.” What do you do?

I explain to him that an alchemist is not a name, but a kind of person. (As my Drow bard)

With a sudden movement the Noble flings his Knife at you, rather ineffectually. He turns to flee, barreling over the Chef. What do you do?

I grab the knife, quickly checking for poison and give chase.

Rushing thru the crowded Palace Halls, racing past startled guests, you chase the Conspirator as he races for the Stables. What do you do?

Grab a horse, yeehaw!

Crashing out of the Castle Gates at full gallop you run down the desperate Nobleman’s racing steed, riding up alongside him. What do you do?

I reach over and grab the bridle and pull the horse up short. I then take the corrupt nobleman into custody.

As you restrain the Nobleman a Royal Guard rider arrives. You’re informed the other Noble conspirators have been apprehended. What do you do?

go with the guard to interrogate the nobles, and making sure that the interrogation happens in a zone of truth

You uncover that the Nobles were promised power by an Alchemist from Tarseldant, a kingdom of Mages, if they aided his scheme. What do you do?

Weigh my options and make preparations for Tarseldant. It’s hunting season.

You learn the Alchemist has fled to Tarseldant, his plans foiled. By morning you board a ship for the “Kingdom of Mages”. What do you do?

I inquire about local contacts we might have to help us and study the laws and customs of this realm

You review a contact at the Valondor Embassy, as well as a Byrdanian Guild. As you sail you study the customs of Tarseldant. What do you do?

Prepare some countermeasures against that tricky Alchemist.

You sail across dark seas, reviewing your contacts, when the lookout sounds the Alarm! Something is approaching in the Night! What do you do?

sailing is boring, but action at last! I hurry to the deck with as many axes as I can carry ready for some fun

Sailors clamor around you. On the dark water there is only moonlight. Suddenly something massive begins rising to the surface. What do you do?

I yell to the crew of the ship “Get ready! Something is coming!”

The calm water breaks, a massive dark tendril slams down on the deck, shattering timbers! The lookout above yells, “KRAKEN!” What do you do?

As I step up to the rail of the ship, rivulets of sea water coursing down my kraken leather armor. I smile grimly.

Massive tentacles slash across the deck shivering timbers & cutting ropes! A large tendril wraps over the middle of the ship. What do you do?

doing all the ability checks! I attempt to run along a tentacle with an ax in each hand. I’m running towards its head

As the crew abandons ship you attack the Kraken head on! As it surfaces you charge, bloodying its visage and enraging it. What do you do?

charge at its beak with my battle ax named blood lust

Bloodied, the Kraken releases its hold on the hull! Coiling a black tendril it lifts one of the party flailing into the air! What do you do?

climb to the ship’s tower and try to get in reach of the captured party member, then jump onto the tendril and stabby stab

Slashing the tendril you free your friend from the Krakens grasp! It shrieks horridly lashing the deck, shattering the Mast! What do you do?

I quickly cast a sphere of protection to deflect the flying wooden chunks of the mast.

Shielding yourself, you avoid the bulk of the flying Timbers! The Kraken shrieks, one massive tendril glowing unnaturally. What do you do?

shoot some magic missiles at the glowing tendril, prepared to abandon ship fast

The tendril erupts, crippling the derelict ship & sending you into the icy water! The Kraken slips silently below the waves. What do you do?

I search for any timbers or wreckage strong enough to support me, and swim to it.

Though most of the crew survive, your Ship effectively ceases to exist. Clinging to wreckage, the days slowly begin to pass. What do you do?

actively blame someone else and look for a seaworthy longboat.

You drift for several days aimlessly, then, there, on the Horizon! Land! What do you do?

Start paddlin!!!

I try my hardest to swim to land. Once to land I will get my bearings and figure out where to go next

As you savor the solid ground beneath your feet a well dressed Servant rides up from a nearby cliff side Manor House. What do you do?

I’ll buy my stay! I’ll pay for food! And I’ll work for trust. Introduce me to your baron . Roll persuasion

The servant informs you that his Lord, Gustav Vandevic, has invited all the shipwrecked crew to stay in his manor tonight. What do you do?

accept! Keep an eye out for any hatchets or axes to replace the ones lost to the sea

You’re led into the walled Estate as storm clouds gather on the horizon. The servant offers you a tour of the Manor House. What do you do?

I thank him for his master’s hospitality. Always alert, I am delighted to be given a tour. I ask when the master will see us.

The tour includes the Manor’s Library, Trophy Room & Great Hall. You have time to explore before your Host returns for Dinner. What do you do?

regale them with the harrowing side adventure I had between thwarting the poisoning and now.

Needless to say it’s amazing

I’m itching to search through the library but before I go to the trophy room to get a grasp of what kind of person our host is

The staff are amazed at your exploits & in the Trophy Room regale you of your Host’s claim to fame, slaying a local Vampire. What do you do?

I am enthralled, vampires stories are my favorite. I pump them to get a better understanding of our intriguing host.

You learn that every 20 years a Vampire rises in this area & your host Lord Vandevic is the latest in a long line of slayers. What do you do?

Ask about locations of past slayings. Use data to try and find a central location the vampires may be rising from.

The servants beckon your party to dinner, Lord Vandevic is about to arrive. As you leave the Library you glance at a map. You can’t be sure, but it seems the Vampires are centralized around Vandevic Manor, and have been for decades. What do you do?

I inquire if there is an immediate threat and how secure this place is.

A charismatic voice booms, “I assure you we are safe within the manor’s walls. Welcome to my home.” Lord Vandevic greets you. What do you do?

I cast detect evil.

As Lord Vandevic seats you & orders a meal set you use Detect Evil. There is Evil permeating this place so much it Stuns you! What do you do?

I break the spell before it truly stuns me and try to play it off. “So, tell me a bit of the history of this place.”

You learn Vandevic Manor is built on a powerful Vampiric Crypt & how the family has halted attempts by Undead to retake it. What do you do?

I inquire why never this crypt has been completely destroyed and the ground purified

Lord Vandevic explains that a Curse on the Crypt makes it nigh impossible to destroy, so his family contains the Evil instead. What do you do?

every curse can be lifted, you only know when and who it started, so I ask the Lord about the origins of the curse

“The tale is long & your journey tiresome. Let us retire with full stomachs & discuss the Vampire’s Curse come the morning.” What do you do?

I agree defeated, but always eat&drink after the lord does it & secure my room with a simple alarm trap at the door & windows

A storm rolls in as the party beds down. Sheets of rain beat the windows yet an eerie stillness persists inside the Manor. What do you do?

unable to find a forge, sleepless because no weapons I lay tossing and turning for a few hours. I get up and wander. Innocently

You find your way to a Hall of Armors & Weapons. In the dark shadow of the Hall you sense a Stealthy movement just ahead. What do you do?

cautiously prepare for what could happen

From the shadows emerges a robed figure; The Alchemist! “My, my, my. Aren’t we hard to kill. You’re becoming… Bothersome.”

<growls and gets ready for combat> Well, if I’m bothersome, then you’re pissing me off.

The Alchemist stalks from the shadows, vexed, “You’ve cost me a Coup, a Kraken, & now you join with this Folk-Hero, slaying my undead. Well, now is as good an opportunity as any to be rid of all you pests at once.”

The Alchemist fades into the Shadows.

Lunge into shadows slashing wildly. Collect as many weapons and armour as will fit me. I’m sure our host will understand.

Gathering assorted trophy weapons & armor, lightning illuminates the hall. Two dark shapes don’t move with the flash. Shadows!

Seeing the shadows, I tense up from fright but overcome the fear and ready to attack. I cast bless on my party.

You feel bolstered by the Blessing! An icy touch by a Shadow sends chills down your spine waning the Strength from your Arm!

I shout to the cleric “Where are your radiant spells?” While I keep distracting the shadows with my magic missiles.

“Here is the radiant spell!” Casting guiding bolt at the shadows out of sheer exhaustion from the chill touch

Your Spells tear into the Shadows! One is obliterated, the other lunges directly at you, narrowly missing your chest!

After side stepping out of its path, I quickly spin around swinging my sword in hopes my enchanted blade slashes its mark

Your blade connects, severing the Shadow, sending its remnants skittering into nothingness! Sheets of rain pound the Manor.

I check on the house staff, the Lord, his guard, anyone! Wondering why nobody has been risen by our fight yet.

You begin to Search the Manor. Lord Vandevic’s Room is near, the Servants Quarters a floor below, the Library door left Open.

To the library, and step on it!

In the dark Library you see a display case has been shattered. A tome inside, The Vandevic Bloodline, has a page torn out.

Can I tell what was missing from the pages before or after? Or any sort of index or table of contents?

Examining the torn Tome the dialect is archaic, but you recognize mention of a “Betrayal”, a “Blood Seal” & of “Damphirs”.

Search library and hall for any trace of pages, but quietly.

Searching the Library you find a Concealed Door behind a Bookcase! Beyond are stairs descending into the Manor’s foundation.

Send the stealthiest of us slightly ahead to scout and listen for any activity.

The Stonework here seems centuries older than the Manor. A Tunnel descends into darkness ahead, an Iron Door is on your left.

Try the iron door, as I do not like surprises in ancient tunnels.

The Iron Door seems to be barred from the inside. You can make out the sound of muffled clanging metal coming from beyond.

Slip a blade through the crack to lift the bar?

Opening the Door you see an Ancient Crypt. The clanging metal is the Guardian Construct looming within now turning toward you!

I cast a sphere of protection. With my hand on the hilt of my sword I cautiously face it and wait for its next move.

As you stand off with the Construct it stares unceasingly at you. It does not act, merely blocking the way into the Crypt.

Without any sudden moves I try talking, “Who is resting in this crypt that is worthy of your protection?”

The towering metal Construct replies in an echoing voice, “Function: Protect Seals, Primary. Neutralize Threats, Secondary.”

“The seals are in danger! I’m here to move them some place safer.”

The Construct gestures behind it to a massive glowing mark on the Crypt Wall. “Negative Statement, Runes Are Fixed In Place.”

Fascinated by the layout of the runes, I inquire if anyone knows what they mean. I remain where I stand, watching it.

“They are my Family’s Legacy,” a wounded Lord Vandevic speaks from behind you, staggering, clutching his bleeding side “And our Curse.”

“My ancestors fought to keep the Curse bound, now the Archivist means to undo it all, to make us again as we once were.”

Supporting the staggering Vandevic into the room I spend my turn catching up on what happened while I was checking the servants.

Vandevic wheezes, “The Archivist is trying to awaken my Ancestor, the first Vampire. Down the tunnel, I tried to stop him.

Before rushing down the tunnel, I quickly ask: “Is by any chance the Archivist related to the Alchemist?”

Vandevic furrows his brow “I know not, there are many Alchemists in Tarseldant. Please there’s no Time! Stop the Archivist!”

I stop. “Lord Vandevic, how did you get your wounds?” I don’t trust Vandevic, I would like to see if he’s hiding something.

“There’s no time for this, you must capture the Archivist!” Vandevic coughs blood, however [Sense Motive] Something is off…

“Lord Vandevic, if we should help you, you should be honest to us, could you please start telling the whole truth?”

Staring at Vandevic, you realize his wounds are an illusion! Glaring, Vandevic leaps up, “Guardian, sieze the intruders!”

Assume the Guardian is also an illusion and attempt to disbelieve.

The Guardian Construct is, indeed, an Illusion! Seeing thru the spell, you realize Vandevic has made a run down the Tunnel!

I quickly turn around and make sure the door is unlocked. I’m not sure who to trust, so I’ll examine the room further.

Examining the room you are able to discern several lesser illusions, but the large magical Rune over the crypt is very real.

I definitely need some answers, so I use my knowledge & spells to destroy the rune& wake up whatever is beneath it.

The Rune Explodes, Arcane energy lashes over the room! A steely crypt opens. Inside you see a wrecked Golem & a resealed Tomb.

With my magical shield up I cautiously wait for the energy erupting to possibly diffuse before looking further.

Examining the now dis-spelled room, it appears someone disabled a Construct defending the Crypt, then hastily resealed it.

Divine sense for anything generally horrible

Stretching out your senses you feel the Evil that fills this place, but also sense a Good Aura from within the sealed Crypt.

I open the Crypt in which I strongly suspect the true and very captured Lord Vandevic

Hefting open the Crypt you see a Cleric under a powerful Sleep Spell, with a resemblance to the family portraits in the Manor.

I hit him hard, if that doesn’t work dispell magic, if that doesn’t work I hope someone else has remove curse

Waking the Cleric he moans, clutching his skull, “What…who…” his eyes go wide, “The Guardian! Where… What happened?!”

What do you do?

. . .

Originally published by P&P

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