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DMs corner: Twitter Quest, Part 4

Updated: Aug 7, 2018

Every day on our Twitter Feed, @DonaldTheDM, our resident Dungeon Master Donald Lewis will post a One-Tweet Dungeons and Dragons Adventure! Anyone can Tweet a response, from which he will choose the best reply to continue the story. The idea is to play a communal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG experience, a story that unfolds one day at a time, one tweet at a time. In the spirit of comic strips like Dick Tracy and Brenda Starr, together we see the adventure unfold one line, one decision, one epic moment at a time!

Periodically we will post an article that compiles the Tweets from the last several Months that make up our Adventure. This is your opportunity to catch up on the story and dive right in! How will your adventure unfold? What exciting tales await your heroic arrival? There’s only one way to find out!

Welcome to the World of Twitter Quest!

. . .

Waking the Cleric he moans, clutching his skull, “What…who…” his eyes go wide, “The Guardian! Where… What happened?!”

I help him get up, “Apparently, we have both been deceived by the same party. ” I do my best to inform him what I know.

“We must be quick then! The Archivist is trying to free the Vampires sealed here, there may yet be time to end this madness!”

Smash the legs off the archivist’s desk. Fashion wooden stakes, and nod grimly. “Lead”.

The Cleric leads you down the catacombs, beneath Vandevic Manor. A strong Magical Barrier has been erected blocking the way.

I do a dispell magic ritual in hope that it’s strong enough to destroy the barrier

The barrier weakens long enough for you to slip past, before closing firmly behind you! The floor ahead is paved with Bones.

Alert as always I draw my sword and scan the immediate area for trouble.

As you survey the corridor, a boney hand grasps your ankle! The whole hallway begins writhing, a mass of grasping bones!

I reach for my BOOM STICK, you primitive screw heads!

You fight valiantly, shattering bones as more Skeletal Minions rise to join the fight! One cleaves into you, cracking a rib!

I smile as I spit up a bit of blood. Wiping it from my face, I place my hand over the wound and LoH. I smirk, “Good shot.”

The skeletons continue to rise, to your horror coalescing into one monstrous creature! You feel it begin to envelope you!

I take a moment and concentrate on healing my cracked rib.  I can always bust out of this bony beast on the next turn.

The bones of the dead envelope you, leaving you trapped in a tightening cage of darkness and splintered bone fragments!

I close my eyes and enter a state of praying, bringing fourth my holy symbol I cast turn undead/destroy undead.

Holy light erupts from around you shattering the Undead prison! An unearthly stillness settles over the bone ridden corridor.

Kick bones away and ask the Cleric to continue to lead the way

You proceed deeper into the Crypt, coming to a high ceilinged chamber. An overly ornate Bronze Door dominates the East Wall.

Examine the door

Examining the Crypt Door, you find broken chains and disenchanted runes, all once powerful seals. The door is slightly ajar.

I search for traps and if I don’t find any, I let the more stealthy folk scout ahead

Entering a massive subterranean chamber you see three figures at a distance, robed and standing around an open Crypt.

Stealth and sneak closer to hear what is going on.

Stealthily slipping into the Crypt you approach the figures, immediately recognizing The Alchemist, The Archivist, & Lord Vandevic. Without turning the Alchemist speaks, “It seems our guests have finally arrived. Gentlemen, dispatch these pests.”

In hopes they only noticed us unstealthy folk, I say: “Is it too late to join your team?” to give the rogue some sneak attack chance

“Oh, it is far too late for you,” The Alchemist’s men move forward, the Archivist casting a ritual, Vandevic bearing fangs!

I ready my sword and prepare to strike any foe within range. “It’s not too late until my heart stops beating. Prepare to die.”

The Vampire lunges at you! With a flash of steel you parry!The Alchemist completes his spell, lightning erupts from his palm!


Your Counterspell absorbs the Lightning Blast just in time!The Vampire takes the opening to lock his Hypnotic Gaze upon you!

I countercharm that undead bastard because Fey Patron Warlock, and I entice him to watch the most glorious sunrise ever. Ever!

Your Countercharm seems to have little effect on the Vampire. He bares his fangs, only inches from your neck & closing in!

I start to laugh.  And wait for the sound of teeth breaking on metal.  Warforged baby.

You break free of the Vampire’s hold, tossing him back! The Archivist casts Chain Lightning past him, blasting your Armor!

I stand my ground and plant my sword into the floor. I use the sword’s magic to draw the lighting away and ground it.

The Lightning Spell rebounds, throwing the Archivist to the ground! The Vampire recovers, lunging at you, cutting your arm!

As a wizard, I have had enough of the melee attacks. I take my decanter of endless water and let the geyser hit the vampire

Running water, baby!

With his minions downed you finally turn your full attention to the Alchemist. He applauds slowly “Very Good, Let us Begin.”

Roll my eyes, and say “Bring it.”

“With Pleasure” The Alchemist flings a series of vials from his robes. Gasses of many dark colors begin to fill the chamber!

Throw caution to the wind and cast Burning Hands XD

Flames and Alchemic Fumes mix as you clash with the Alchemist once more! In the chaos you close the distance to your target!

Reach out to grab the miscreant and grapple him to the ground

Grabbing for the Alchemist, you realize he is an Illusion! Out of the corner of your eye he flings a flask at your back!

Give him the old Jack Burton! It’s all in the reflexes!

Deftly sidestepping the attack you lunge, clashing in vicious close melee! The Alchemist scowls, “Persistant Pest. Begone!”

I’ve wasted enough time with illusions.  I cast anti-magic field centered on myself.

The Anti-Magic Field shatters all of the ongoing spells around the Alchemist, his true self at last revealed, unshielded!

Your screen of illusion had fallen sir! You may join us or die resisting, your choice!

The Alchemist scoffs “This is only the beginning.” Breaking a vial of smoke he vanishes, his unconscious minions left behind.

Unconscious? Good. Let’s restrain them and question them in a zone of truth, unless someone can catch the Alchemist

You’re able to restrain The Archivist but before you can secure the Vampire, the Cleric, Lord Vandevic, drives a stake thru his heart. “At last, my family is freed,” the Cleric sighs, turning from the Vampire’s ashen remains, “I am in your debt Heroes.”

“Good. We need a place to rest, resupply and plan our next steps, as well as find out what the Archivist has archived.”

You rest in the Manor as Lord Vandevic purges the Evil in the Crypts below. The captured mage The Archivist lays unconscious.

I search the Archivist for anything of value or a clue to the whereabouts of the alchemist.

Searching the Archivist you find Letters detailing a plot to topple the ruling hierarchy of the Mage Kingdom, Tarseldant.

Let us consider now, are the mage rulers kind and benevolent? What would drive a man to enlist the undead in political affairs?

As you contemplate the letters found on the Archivist and their implications, he begins to grown and regain consciousness.

I start to questioning about their plans, the Alchemist, and his possible hideouts and whenever I think he’s lying I burn a body part

You find out that the Alchemist is plotting a war between the Mages of Tarseldant and the surrounding kingdoms to seize power.

I consult with others to figure on pursuing the alchemist or warn the Mages en route. Either way preparing my gear for leave.

You prepare to pursue the Alchemist to the capitol of Tarseldant, leaving the captured Archivist in the custody of Vandevic.

Ask Vandevic to send notice to others if he has that kind of pull. Refill my flask and take a wineskin to go before I leave

Resupplied & with Vandevic sending word ahead you head out. One pass cuts into the Mountains, the low road thru the Forest.

The mountain will do. Perhaps there is a shrine we can visit briefly on the journey.

Taking the High Road you begin your trek thru the Redgate Mountains to the capitol of Tarseldant. A Storm looms on the horizon.

Pout to myself loudly as I down more rum. Intending to be heard by the whole party “This wouldn’t have happened in a forest”

As the rain begins to fall in steady sheets, you note a walled, aged estate just ahead on the muddy mountain trail.

I approach stealthily and look for signs of occupancy.

The eerie estate building looks abandoned, the aged stone walls overgrown. Windows are broken, but the interior looks dry.

Enter with caution of course. Who knows what old relics might still be found.

Despite some party objections, you cautiously scout the estate. It looks heavily ransacked and virtually empty inside.

Make shelter inside to wait out the storm. Check the estate for any hidden rooms or passages.

As you set up camp and dry your gear, beyond the estate walls you can make out the sound of several horses galloping this way.

Look for a vantage point and use it to see what the approaching party is.

A rain soaked rider stays his mount, an unconscious wounded woman over his saddle. He looks around frantic, almost in a panic.

Call out “Here sir! Wayside respite! Come in and share our shelter.”

The rider looks relieved, but seeing Casters in the party rears his mount, drawing a worn blade “You Mages will not claim her!”

“I don’t want your woman. But if you’ve trouble with Mages please allow us to assist you. I’ll not abide misconceptions”

The young rider hesitates, but before he can dismount or speak the clamor of galloping armored riders thunders over the rain.

I quickly show them inside including horse and wait outside for the new arrivals

As you hide the wary riders, a company of ten heavily armed Mage Knights of Tarseldant approach, their Captain calling out.

I greet them politely, asking them what they’re doing out here on a night like this

The Mage Knight dismounts “There’s a fugitive Sorceress in these hills. Stand aside, we will protect you. Search the Manor men!”

I trust the two won’t be found by the men. I inquire what the fugitive has done to avoid suspicion.

The MageKnight affirms “All casters born in Tarseldant belong to the citizens, their talents serve the people, not their own desires. That boy stole her from the people. She will be returned, and the thief punished.” He glares ominously, “Harshly.”

“I didn’t know Mages were slaves to the kingdom. What’s her penalty for capture or running away?”

“She will be returned to the Tower for training,” The Mage-Knight asserts, “Her captor will be made an example of, publicly.”

I have no patience in dealing with slavers, I cast fireball centered on them

Taking advantage of the distracted Mage Knights, you unleash your magical fury, setting several Knights and steeds ablaze!

I cast a barrier dome over the slavers, so the fire consumes them before they can escape.

The Mage-Knights are consumed in your magical onslaught. Only ash and bones remain. The young rider steps outside, agape.

Pilfer through the ash. The longer I search the sadder I appear, “..but…but mages always have the good stuff,” I whine. I snap out of my looting trance and notice the travelers. “So Transeldants work by force? The books omit that part”

The traveler falls to his knees “We are in your debt my Lords! The Knights would have my sister a resource to be consumed.”

I ask for more information about the mage kingdom

Tarseldant, the Kingdom of Mages, is a rigid militarized state, with unflinching Noble Wizards ruling as a Council. It is mandated that all Casters be educated in State run Towers where Mage-Knights ensure “proper” education, discipline and loyalty.

‘Tarseldent is a rubbish place to be then. I’m not sure if I want to help them. At all. Dismantle them more likely.’ Let us figure out a way to throw these mages into mass disarray.

“There’s a Tower to the west, where the ridge rises. More Mage-Knights will come for us when this patrol doesn’t return.”

With a swig and a smirk “I do love a good gate crashing” #Wizardlife

Gathering your gear you venture West despite the driving rain. By dawn, though the storm rages, you site the Mage Tower.

I send Edgar, my Raven onward and upward to scout for activity. I begin flipping through a few books.

The Mage Tower bristles with sizzling torches. The sentries huddle around fires and in the gateway muttering against the storm.

I cast a spell to snuff out the torchlight and watch for an opportunity to sneak inside.

I cast dancing lights about 60′ away from the guards to make them think that’s who doused the torches and away from us.

Grumbling, the drenched Mage Knights venture from the Tower Gate allowing you to slip inside. The stone entryway stands vacant.

Investigating the architecture I try to deduce the purpose and inhabitants of the tower.

While @TohavRedborne inspects the structure and location, from the shadows I watch for the guards through the gate we entered.

The Tower stirs at sunrise. Fresh bread wafts from the Kitchen; Dorms teem with early risers; Weary night guards trickle in.

I carefully sneak into the kitchen to see what else I can find besides fresh bread.

The Tower Kitchen is busy with enchanted cookware flying about, a compulsive looking Mage intently directing their motions.

“Mage cooking is either the best or the worst. Excuse me sir mage, care for a hand?”

You startle the cooking Mage, several enchanted utensils clatter to the floor “Watch it! I’m trying to concentrate you peon!”

“Sorry, it’s just that you’re such a culinary Wizard in the kitchen, I wanted to watch…”

“Then watch from a distance, naive! I’ve work to do!” The Mage turns his back to you, and to his open satchel on the counter.

I watch him get back into his work before carefully moving towards the satchel. I quietly search the contents of the bag left alone.

In the Mage’s Satchel you find a Key Ring with many arcane rune-etched keys. These likely open enchanted locks of some kind.

*hopes for pocket dimension* Palm the keys, wait a few seconds for something to happen, then pocket them and find my mage.

Runed Keys in tow, you enter the Tower proper. Several Mage-Knights and Novice Magi are beginning to fill the halls.

Disguise Self to match their appearance. Play it cool and observe. Genuinely curious what magic is worked here. If there is any sign of a valuable score or constructs I may or may not begin planning a heist.

Moving through the Mage Tower, few paying you any mind as they pass by, you find signs to the Library, Dorms and Dungeon.

As an adventure I can’t not head towards the Dungeon.

You descend the torchlit stairs into the Tower’s foundation. Around the corner you spy two Mage Knights guarding a Runed Door.

Tell the MKts we are here to inspect the cells for escape attempts, complain that we are just doing our jobs but it’s a living

You approach the Mage Knights, Runed Keys in hand, “It’s about time you got here! The upstarts are in the back left cell.”

I look them over and say, “Let’s not waste any more time then. Lead the way.”

A Mage Knight leads you into a deep dungeon, to the last door, “Don’t rough ’em up too much, The Commander wants them alive.

Check for Anchors or Anti Magic fields. Prepare to teleport back to the manor with them.

Examining the cell, the rogue Magi are restrained with magic-negating Runed chains, but there is no greater antimagic field.

I look them over and ask, “What crime merits you to be locked up in this cell?”

A Mage jumps up, fighting his chains, “If you’ve come to torment us than go on and be done with it, but don’t patronize us!”

Whisper “Great job keep it up. The guards are totally buying it.” Continue to work on detaching the chains #Wizardlife

The captive mage blinks, confused as you remove the magical chain bindings, “You’re… helping us? What trickery is this?”

“The real trick will be for us to escape the tower unscathed. Are you in or out? I told you I’m not your enemy.”

The mages readily join, “We will rally the other students. Can you handle the Mage-Knights long enough to get everyone out?”

“Of course.  I will create a diversion to concentrate their forces and possibly entrap them.”

The rogue mages slip into the Tower, freeing others as they go. The patrol of Mage Knights still hover by the dungeon entrance.

I cast dispel magic on each of the Mage Knights.  Let’s see how Knightly these Mages are.  I draw my blade to duel them.

Returning to the Mage-Knight guards, you neutralize their magical equipment! Shocked, one of them yells, “Sound the alarm!”

<As my Drow Bard> I cast out Faerie Fire to distract them further. (How many knights are there?)

You descend upon the six Mage-Knights, sewing havoc with magic & blade! One lunges forward, his sword cutting your cheek!

Deliver a swift stunning blow to the offender. Wipe the blood from my cheek, and wag my finger at the rest of the knights.

The Mage-Knight is left reeling from your blow! One of his comrades cuts thru the fight and tackles you hard, pinning you!

I’m a barbarian. I rage and bite him. Dealing 1d4 bleed damage per round.

The wounded Knight staggers back, clutching his wound! As the melee rages he grasps a volatile vial and hurls it toward you!

I try to catch it in my bag of holding… it’s always good to have a spare volatile vial on hand.

The vial disappears into your Bag of Holding! Cursing the Mage-Knight draws his Flamberge. Magic Flames erupt as he charges!

uh…uh…I…I uh… I try to catch the Make-Knight in my bag of holding… it’s always good to have a spare Mage-Knight on hand?

You throw your Bag of Holding over the Mage-Knight, leaving him flailing his Fire Sword blindly, setting the area ablaze!

Knock him over the head. Pick up his sword. Beat a hasty escape with our new friends.

Emerging from the Dungeons, the Mage Tower has plunged into chaos! Hundreds of Mages & Knights fight openly all around you!

I cast a phasing spell on myself and the others, so that we can temporarily pass through the crowd without getting hit.

“Everybody stay close and shut up” Mass Invisibility and try to weave through the combat to the exit

The battle rages, spell & steel clashing! In the chaos you see the Knight Commander in single combat with the Rebel Archmage

Single combat is overrated. Sneak up on the knight commander and introduce a pointy object between his ribs.

As the Knight Commander beats the Archmage down, preparing a final blow, you strike him in his back bringing him to his knees!

Finish him off #ForGood #Period #EndScene

You strike down the Mage Knight Commander turning the tide of the battle! Within an hour the Tower is under Rebel Mage control!

Perform damage control. Search the tower for anything of value/interest. Talk to the rebels.

Nearly a hundred Mages now stand free! Arch-Mage Dravix speaks “Now you’ve saved me twice, but there’s much yet to be done.”

“What’s to be done next? Because I’m pretty sure we just started a war”

The Arcane Prison to the North is full of captive rogue Magi and the Mage-Knights Citadel lies to the West ready to retaliate.

“We should go forth and free Mages from the prison before heading towards the Citadel. Adding more to your cause would be wise indeed.”

You begin your trek North thru the mountains of Tarseldant. As the days stretch on in the mist you feel like something is off.

I draw my sword and carefully tread on, but use my blind-sight ability to search for what may be an invisible threat.

Treading carefully in the mist you nearly lose your way, when a too familiar voice reaches out to you, “Bothersome Heroes.”

I summon an Air Elemental to push back the fog with gusts of wind. I ready myself to cast and persist through the fog.

Prepare to return any alchemy vials coming my way with a backhand swing.

The mist clears, revealing a deceivingly calm looking Alchemist, glaring down, “My favorite Heroes, we have much to discuss”

“I presume you find our recent efforts pleasing?”

The Alchemist smirks “Amusing, if… frustrating.” He spreads his arms wide, “Why go to such effort? Just…name your price.”

“Not all can be swayed by the glitter of coins and gems.”

“So noble. Pity…” the Alchemist strolls aside, “First you take my war from me, now you block my rightful assension to ArchMage. Your meddling ends now. Tarseldant is MINE!” He hurls a flask unleashing a thunder-wave! The Mountain begins to shake.

Cast Greater Floater Disc and prepare to blast from my flyable platform. I ready a wand of Orb of Cold.

Dive desperately for the floating disc.

Clamoring aboard the Floating Disc you narrowly avoid the massive landslide! The path is consumed, the Alchemist vanished.

Cast Shape Earth and start excavating

Clearing the path you find no sign of the Alchemist. Continuing North you make your way to Mage-Knight held Bargate Prison.

I hide out of sight of the sentries and study the layout of the prison.

Bargate Prison is built into the cliff, imposing granite towers over the main gate. But, a postern gate serves supply wagons.

I suggest checking out the supply route in hopes of infiltrating the prison by using a supply wagon for cover.

“Next wagon to show up, we give em the what for and swipe their clothes. Ride the wagon in. Lie like hell.”

Waiting along the path you watch for a supply wagon to pass. A carriage flanked by two mounted Mage-Knights rides into sight.

I tell everyone to get into position for an ambush. We need someone to bait the carriage to stop, while another casts a sleep spell.

The two Mage-Knights fall to your Sleep Spell, slumping out of their saddles! An irate, plump

Noble leaps from the carriage.

Startled, I throw a right hook as hard as I can in attempt to knock him out. Str is always Tohav’s

dump so fat chance. #MuscleWizard

You throw a punch, missing terribly. Startled the portly noble takes off “running” losing his balance repeatedly in the mud.

I rage and charge him. Grabbing him by the hair and with his arms behind his back I hoist him up. If he struggles I bite him.

You throw the Noble back into your midst. He cowers in the mud, jiggling slightly, “Wh-what d-do you w-want w-with m-me?”

Chuckling at Tess “Heheheh…biting…classic” I begin undressing the sleeping guards while giving saucy wink at the noble to unnerve him

“We are in need of your carriage. You may play along or be found later on dead in the mud.”

The shaken noble agrees to lead you into Bargate Prison in exchange for his life. Posing as his guards you approach the gates.

Tell the noble to do his thing. As I sit next to him. Dagger floating around his ribs.

With a shaky but passable performance, your hostage Noble gets you past the guards and through the gatehouse on Bargate Prison.

I tell him to lead us around the facility, while we study the layout of the prison. If anyone stops us, he is inspecting the grounds.

Bargate Prison has a large Prisoners Block, a Garrison Building, a Maximum Security Unit, all surrounded by thick runed walls.

See if I recognize any of the runes of the Max Security section. I’d like to discern their purpose and plan a way to break them.

The Maximum Security block is under a sustained heavy Anti-Magic Field. The Mage-Knights guarding it lack Magical Equipment.

Do it the old fashioned way. Sneak up on the guards one at a time and bash them over the head with a sap.

Waiting for the right moment, you quietly subdue a Mage-Knight guard, slipping into the Maximum Security Wing undetected.

I quietly finish off the mage knight and follow the party to protect them during their search to fix the magic.

Creeping into the cellblock you determine there are isolation cells, a torture chamber, and a guarded door to an unknown room.

Just how insane are the prisoners in the isolation cells? Do they perceive me at all?

I head to the Isolation area. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend….usually….sometimes…fingers crossed”

In the Isolation Block, behind steel doors, you hear muffled insane rantings. One lone door has no apparent way to be opened.

“Oh thats interesting. I wonder how you open that. Or whats behind it. You with the cloak and the lockpicks…It may be valuable chop chop”

Examining the heavy iron door you peel back a metal plate, revealing a complex series of intricate mechanical locks & gears.

I get the hell out of the Rogues way.

After several tense moments the mechanism hidden within the metal door triggers, unlatching the complicated clockwork lock.