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The Red Raven Inn: On the White Ridge, a Campaign Setting

Far across the sea, in the Western most reaches of the world, there are verdant shores of jade trees, silky shores and beaches of glistening sand. A place where the wildlife is abundant, the minerals rich, the commerce profitable and the adventures legendary. Here any man may find his fortune, any traveler find rest for a weary heart, every artist an inspiration for their magnum opus.

From bountiful forests to towering mountain peeks, from dazzling chalk-white cliffs to hills of rolling golden grain, there is something for every explorer to sate their wander lust. The place that has been the product of great works of art, masterpieces of literature and the setting of a thousand fireside legends. The land that heroes call home.

Welcome to White Ridge!

The White Ridge Region

The following is a Free open world setting for your Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, or other RPG group to explore. The White Ridge is the setting for our continuing succession of Red Raven Inn adventure modules and codex series. Be sure to see our related articles detailing quests and NPCs that can be met in this region to fully supplement your adventures here. Whether your campaign takes place entirely in White Ridge, or only in part, we hope that you find something to love in this world as much as we do, or at least some inspiration for worlds of your own. It is our hope you use this tool as best benefits your story and suits your needs, and for the benefit of your gaming group. Without further ado, again, let us welcome you to the world of White Ridge!


The Red Raven Inn

A tavern of significant local renown, The Red Raven Inn is called home by every adventurer, mercenary and hero that travels the White Ridge. Nobles will offer staggering bounties at the Red Raven knowing the accomplished champions there are able to handle even the most daunting quests with ease. Every autumn the Red Raven hosts the Feast of Crimson Skies, when blazing hues of orange sunlight ignite the white ridge in magnificent shades of scarlet. Adventurers for a hundred miles will take a break from their journeys to experience the wonders of the Feast and mingle with their peers.

Tea Run River

Named for the exceptionally bountiful tea leaves that grow along the silty banks, Tea Run is gentle by the standards of rivers in the region. Neither exceptionally strong nor powerful, it has been the subject of many contemporary works of poetry and art. The renowned Bard Edna Valentine once commented, “To wander these smooth banks has done more good for my soul than every holy book or wise man I’ve ever known.”

Owl’s Run

A rather fierce river known for peaked, rocky rapids, the Owl’s Run takes her name from the disproportionate number of raptors that nest on her banks. The owls and hawks here feast on the bountiful schools of fish that swim against the current annually to spawn their broods. Experienced traders from Blackrose battle the current and hazardous bends to ferry their wares to passing merchant ships along the coast.

South Fork & North Fork Rivers

The widest and largest waterway in the White Ridge Region, the Fork Rivers act as highways for traveling merchants. Though occasionally plagued by bands of River Pirates, including the notorious Carrion Rats, mercenaries and tradesmen alike find profit along these winding shores. Punctuated with dozens of hamlets on expansive sandy beaches, the Forks are very alive with activity.

The White Ridge

Standing high over the horizon gleaming white cliffs dominate the landscape. The hillsides brimming with rich chalk deposits add a beauty to the landscape year round, acting as a canvas for the dazzling crimson displays the sun casts every autumn over these hills. The Ridge Road traverses the rolling country, punctuated by towering pines on the Southern range. Many legends surround this iconic piece of terrain, including tales of tormented souls, cursed to roam the white dusty hills until their soul is laid to rest.

The Granite Range

Described in ancient tales as the long discarded ax blade of a Titan, The Granite Range resembles a massive curved blade consuming the skyline. Steep, rugged cliff faces prove treacherous for even the most experienced climbers, forcing travelers to circumvent the range in its entirety. Though no known trail exists through the Granite Range, tribes of Barbarians are known to somehow traverse and roam the range, including the fearsome Wolf Maws.

Big Afton and Little Afton Rivers

Marked by strong, smooth currents along richly verdant shores, the Aftons are home to a variety of fish and birds other parts of the world call exotic. Some varieties of tiny mammals seem to live exclusively on these shores, feasting on plentiful orange berries that are toxic to humans. Heavily traversed by fishermen and trappers, the Aftons are home to some of the most profitable hunters of the region.

Hawktail Isle

A small island populated solely by hamlets and thorpes, inhabited almost exclusively by bold adventurers or thrill seekers, Hawktail Island is home to one of the ancient oddities of the world. The Great Everbreeze Hawks call this island home, the wingspan of some specimens greater than the entire length of mighty warships. The Great Hawks prey on the varieties of deers and boars that also call this island home, though Great Hawks have been known to devour unwary adventurers that intrude in their territory. The fertilized Egg of one of these giant birds could buy any man a small estate for their rarity.

Woodmist Isle

Dominated by massive plateaus of sandstone, Woodmist Isle is covered in sparse forests with little or no undergrowth. Profitable mining has been discovered on the Eastern shores, which thankfully are out of the reach of the Giant Hawks that call the neighboring Hawktail Isle home.

On summer mornings the mist rolls off the coast and consumes the Isle, leaving only the central plateaus exposed. The woods are almost supernaturally silent at this time of year, and reports of men going mad lost in the expanse silent shrouded woods are not uncommon.

Gypsum Run

A small waterway that only generously qualifies as a river, the Gypsum Run is named for the alabaster rocks along her bed. Artisans and traders will spend weeks during the dry season picking through the exposed rocks to sell for profit abroad, or to be used locally in the creation of simple trinkets. It is said an adventurer who picks a stone from the Gypsum Run and chisels it himself into a totem will be protected from bodily harm for one year.



Community Size (Acreage): Large Town (60 Acres)

Population: 4,486

Dominant Race: Halflings

Imports: Corn, Flour, Leather, Turkeys

Exports: Fish, Medicine

Power Center: Neutral Good Municipality

Defenses: Walled with Gate


One of the largest settlements of Halflings in the Region, Blackrose was named for the town’s founder, the Halfling Alchemist Charlotte Blackrose. It is said that centuries ago she discovered the oils from fish in the Owl’s Run when combined with their caviar could be used for medicinal purposes. Much of the populace are experienced herbalists, alchemists, medicine makers or wise men, as well as weary adventurers seeking cures for themselves or loved ones. Though the Halflings here are welcoming and friendly, there are a fair number of charlatans amidst the legitimate medical practitioners.


Community Size (Acreage): Small City (59 Acres)

Population: 5,473

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Deer, Gems, Metals

Exports: Jewelry

Power Center: Lawful Evil Queen

Defenses: Walled with Gate


Home to the best jewel crafters in the region, travelers come to Foxmoor from distant shores just for the chance to browse the assorted rings and necklaces the city is known for. Many powerful casters, magicians and sorcerers spend their time here enchanting accessory items. There is an annual competition held here by Archmage Morrowshield to see who can create the most unique, powerful or even eccentric magical item. An exceedingly capitalistic city, Foxmoor is not known to be kind to travelers who have little coin to spend.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (36 Acres)

Population: 1,309

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Spices

Exports: Dye, Wool

Power Center: Lawful Evil Lord Justice

Defenses: No Walls


Centered where the North Fork River spring forth from the base of The White Ridge, Highdale is a beautiful town to behold. The locals take a great deal of pride in maintaining their town, resulting in a scenic, almost mythical, panorama that combines nature and architecture as art. Writers from the world-wide come to Highdale to compose their magnum opus, spending their time wandering the idyllic countryside. Some say the town is too idyllic, too peaceful, and beneath the surface lies unparalleled corruption, though this has never been substantiated beyond rumor.


Community Size (Acreage): Large City (178 Acres)

Population: 23,522

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Blankets, Hides, Tins, Wood

Exports: Cord, Gunpowder

Power Center: Lawful Neutral Clergy

Defenses: Walled with Three Gates


Set on the shores of a gray, even depressing lake, this large city is just as stoic and somber as its namesake suggests. The town is built-in shades of gray stone, with very little color even among the clothes or art of the citizens. Greylake acts as a major trading hub for the region, referred to by some as the unofficial capitol of the White Ridge Region. Even so, travelers tend to leave the city only shortly after arriving due to the odd, drab nature of the clergy and the sober architecture. It is not a beautiful nor happy city, though it is expansive, if admittedly imposing.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (37 Acres)

Population: 1,149

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Strawberries, Poultry

Exports: Fertilizer, Leather

Power Center: Neutral Evil Prioress

Defenses: No Walls


If you are in need of a Leather Smith or Furrier, you will find no better than the artisans that call Snowbreach home. Nestled on the Southern edge of the pine specked White Ridge, Snowbreach caps the Western most trade road that circumvents the Granite Range. Though by no means a particularly large community, the craftsmen that call this town home are as much artist as artisan, crafting leather goods that are nothing short of masterful. Every spring the town celebrates the birth of a new generation of wildlife with a week-long festival. Adventurers, traders and tourists alike crowd the town for the festival, sampling the impressive assortment of leather work.


Community Size (Acreage): Village (21 Acres)

Population: 607

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Oxen

Exports: Wood

Power Center: Lawful Evil Warrior Caste

Defenses: Walled with Gate


More accurately described as a border fort than a village, Falconwall exists solely to stem the tide of barbarians that occasionally descend from the jagged cliff sides of the Granite Range. The population here is almost exclusively male, and disproportionately military professionals. Mercenaries and support staff round out the population, making Falconwall feel like a militia barracks on some days. The winters here are less than forgiving, with patrols being lost to the elements as often as to barbarian raiders.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (47 Acres)

Population: 1,702

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Leather, Metal

Exports: Hide, Fish

Power Center: Lawful Good Mayor

Defenses: No Walls


A vibrant town along equally vibrant coastline, the citizens of Oldiron know no strangers. All passersby are welcome in the city, and may stay comfortably for relatively modest costs. At the center of the town square is a grand stage that bards, entertainers and gypsies must reserve a place on months in advance for their chance to perform. If all the world is a stage, Oldiron is that stage, with productions open to the public that rival even the most exclusive of royal court shows. The whole town tends to be very light-hearted, even sincere, though also admittedly a bit too naive at times.


Community Size (Acreage): Hamlet (5 Acres)

Population: 87

Dominant Race: Gnome

Imports: None

Exports: Wood

Power Center: Lawful Evil Mayor

Defenses: No Walls


Though barely more than a scant collection of somewhat miniaturized structures, Northwind has made a name for itself exporting the strong Dark Oak timbers that only grow so deep along the Big Afton River. Some traders refer to the hamlet is mocking terms, making light of the hardworking gnome lumberjacks. However, the Gnomes are quick to shrug off any jokes at their expense, offering much less charitable replies, and adjusting the prices of their rare lumber accordingly.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (29 Acres)

Population: 909

Dominant Race: Halfling

Imports: Peaches, Grapes

Exports: Dogs, Wool

Power Center: Lawful Good Lord Mayor

Defenses: No Walls


Both a dry dock and a repair yard for weathered ships, Brightport offer a welcome respite for the fishers and wayward voyagers that succumb to the notorious roaring maelstroms that seasonally plague the shoreline. A towering lighthouse dominates the skyline, the burning brazier that caps it guiding ships for miles in every direction to the safety of the harbor, the warmth of the inns, and the waiting coffers of the shipwrights.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (50 Acres)

Population: 1,682

Dominant Race: Human

Imports: Dogs, Oxen

Exports: Silver, Iron

Power Center: Neutral Good Clergy

Defenses: No Walls


The only substantial permanent settlement on Woodmist Isle, the townsfolk pay no mind to the eerily quiet forests nor the rolling mist that shroud the landscape. They dig deep into their own world of mine shafts, clanging smithy hammers and blazing furnaces. Tons of raw silver, iron and other precious ores are harvested here annually, even arbitrary deposits of gem stones. High Priest Guillermo Herrera makes sure to keep the populace focused on their work, though privately he worries about the unearthly silence the mist brings to the Isle.


Community Size (Acreage): Large Town (62 Acres)

Population: 3,214

Dominant Race: Halfling

Imports: Deer, Poultry

Exports: Copper, Herbs

Power Center: Lawful Good Guild

Defenses: No Walls


If there is an unlikely paradise to be found in the White Ridge Region, it just might be at Goldwyn. The Halflings here live simple lives, punctuated with country hospitality and hearty meals. It is said that travelers only leave Goldwyn after having gained fifteen pounds. Despite this, the Halflings here are incredibly spry and slender, leading to a great deal of confusion among visitors. The town is very well renowned for the seasonal variety of herbs that grow here, a mixture called Gold Spice that can make even the most bland, burnt meal taste like a feast to be savored.


Community Size (Acreage): Small City (102 Acres)

Population: 11,310

Dominant Race: Gnome

Imports: Horses, Pigs

Exports: Tobacco, Wheat, Blankets

Power Center: Neutral Good Earl

Defenses: Walled with Two Gates


Many adventurers are taken aback when they first see Oldlight, for the whole cityscape seems somehow off. Upon examination it is apparent that this is due to the city being built to scale for the Gnome populace, leaving average humanoids feeling like giants. There are some larger facilities built to accommodate the taller travelers, including the region renowned Moonlight Tavern. Legend has it that the house brewed ale here, tempered by silver moonlight, is so rich, so brown, that even the Man In The Moon came down to partake of it.


Community Size (Acreage): Village (22 Acres)

Population: 565

Dominant Race: Half Orcs

Imports: Cloth

Exports: Swords, Armor

Power Center: Lawful Good Nobility

Defenses: No Walls


If there ever was a less welcoming village, it has been lost to the ages. The reclusive villagers of Rockbarrow are less than welcoming to travelers, preferring to do business rapidly and without fanfare. Despite the jaded attitudes of the villagers soldiers, adventurers and traders will risk life and limb to acquire a cartload of the savage Orc forged weaponry made here. Though these blades are less than the most aesthetically pleasing, you would be hard pressed to find keener or better balanced blades.


Community Size (Acreage): Small Town (31 Acres)

Population: 995

Dominant Race: Half Elf

Imports: Leather, Pyrite

Exports: Honey, Hazelnuts

Power Center: Lawful Good Municipality

Defenses: No Walls


An ancestral banner bearing markings from Elven and Human heritage still flies proudly over the ancient castle that gives Baycastle her name. The town is alive with its history, with tomes and artifacts that celebrate the rich history of the half breeds that congregate here. Baycastle is perhaps best known for its winter festival, where competitors vie for dominance in ice sculpting, snow sculpting, crafting foods primarily made of ice, culminating in the great Feast Of a Hundred Fires.

The Story Continues…

Which parts of the White Ridge Region do you find most enticing? Where will your players explore first? Where will your party carve out their niche? Who will become the next great Champion to call the Red Raven Inn home? What adventures await? Let us know in the comments below how you liked this Campaign Setting, and be sure to check out the rest of our Red Raven Inn Series of articles! And as always, remember the golden rule of all RPGs:

Have Fun!

. . .

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