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ShootOut at the Pawn and Pint Saloon!

Updated: Jan 29, 2018

High Noon…

Spurs click in the desert sand. Two Gunmen stand alone in the street, their hands resting just above their still holstered pistols. The townsfolk watch with baited breath. All is silent. A lone tumbleweed rolls by. Neither Gunman blinks, neither flinches. Then, in a flash, Draw! Two shots ring out. One Gunman remains standing. Blowing his still smoking barrel he holsters his weapon, returning to the cheers of the town he has saved.

Who doesn’t enjoy a good Western? And no Western is complete without the climactic Shootout! To that end, for the first installment of our new Pocket Games Series, we are proud to introduce the Shootout At The Pawn & Pint Saloon!

This is a stand-alone game, designed to be printed on a single sheet of paper and easily carried when folded in your pocket. You’ll be able to play on a moment’s notice with virtually no preparation needed. Never have a dull outing with family and friends again, never a bored half hour waiting for your ride. These Pocket Games are perfect to play while on the go, are fast paced, easy to learn and are over relatively quickly, allowing for multiple games that never outstay their welcome. Whether part of a game night or passing the time while on the go, we hope you keep our Pocket Games handy to pass the time with your fellow gamers!

Shootout At The Pawn & Pint Saloon!

What You Need To Play: A Copy of the Rules, a Ten Sided Dice (1d10), Tokens to use for Tracking Player Health. (We recommend Coins or Table Sugar Packets for Tokens).

Set-Up: Each Player takes 5 Tokens to track Health. Place 1d10 within Easy Reach of all Players.

Objective: The Last Player with any Health Tokens Remaining Wins the Game. If No Players have any Health Tokens remaining, the Game is a Draw.

Rules: The Youngest Player starts the Game. On your Turn declare another Player as your Target, then Roll 1d10 and consult the Marksman Chart below. Resolve the Effect that you Rolled. Then, if the Targeted Player Has any Health Tokens Remaining, it is their Turn. (If your Target is reduced to 0 Health Tokens, You immediately take another Turn).

Disputes: If the interpretation of a Rule is in Question, the Most Literal Interpretation should be Followed. If a Rule is still Disputed, Roll 1d10 calling Odd or Even to resolve the conflict, then Continue the Game.

The Marksman Chart:

1 – Out of Ammo: Your Shot Misses, No Effect.

2 – Shot of Whiskey: Gain 1 Health Token, Up-To a Total of 5 Health Tokens.

3 – Ricochet: Choose a Different Player than your original Target. That Player Loses 1 Health Token. (You must Target yourself if there are no other eligible Targets).

4 – Snap Shot: Your Target and Up-To 1 Additional Target each Lose 1 Health Token.

5 – What’s Up Doc: Gain 3 Health Tokens, Up-To a Total of 5 Health Tokens.

6 – Cool Hand: Target Loses 1 Health Token.

7 – Stray Bullet: You Lose 1 Health Token.

8 – Hat Trick: Choose one of the Following; Target loses 3 Health Tokens, or, Target and Up-To 2 additional Targets each Lose 1 Health Token.

9 – Blaze Away: All Players, Including Yourself, Lose 1 Health Token.

10 – Dead Eye: Target Loses 4 Health Tokens.

Open Game License: This game was Created by Donald Lewis, @DonaldTheDM on Twitter, as a Free Game for The Pawn & Pint. You may Alter, Copy and Distribute this Game Freely. We only ask you leave this License with our Original Credits on the copies you make. Have Fun!

Did you enjoy this Pocket Game? What kind of Pocket Games would you like to see in the future? Leave us a comment below, or let us know what you think on our Twitter Feed! And as always, remember the golden rule of all games:

Have Fun!

. . .

Originally published by Donald

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