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DMs Corner: Twitter Quest, Part 1

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Every day on our Twitter Feed, @DonaldTheDM, our resident Dungeon Master Donald Lewis will post a One-Tweet Dungeons and Dragons Adventure! Anyone can Tweet a response, from which he will choose the best reply to continue the story. The idea is to play a communal Choose-Your-Own-Adventure RPG experience, a story that unfolds one day at a time, one tweet at a time. In the spirit of comic strips like Dick Tracy and Brenda Starr, together we see the adventure unfold one line, one decision, one epic moment at a time!

Each Quarter we will post an article that compiles the Tweets from the last Three Months that make up our adventure. This is your opportunity to catch up on the story and dive right in! How will your adventure unfold? What exciting tales await your heroic arrival? There’s only one way to find out!

Welcome to the World of Twitter Quest!

The Story So Far

@DonaldTheDM’s Tweets are in Bold, player responses are in normal font. Some Tweets have been formatted to better fit this format.

The bar is smoky, the night air cold. A Bard sings out of key, a bored Rogue prods the fire & a Ranger taps an old map.

I saunter up to the bard and toss her a coin, challenging her to “Sing me the song of her people…” #DnD #DungeonsAndDragons

The Half-Elf Bard barely ducks a flying dagger. Cheers rise from the patrons. The Bard scowls, glaring she stalks to you.

I bow to her “you’re so charming when you’re silent! Mind a pint to sweeten the mood? what was it you were trying to… sing?”

The Bard slumps into a seat next to you & takes the pint sighing. She stares at it sadly, “How else am I to buy my freedom?”

My dear, how could you drink from sadness? Drinking is freedom and joy. To drink in sorrow is disrespectful to your ale.

The Bard tears up, “I must weep, there’s no joy while my son is held for our debts. I’d give all the little I have for him.”

“Held? By whom? What scurvy scalawag would hold a boy for the sins of the mother?”

You agree to aid the Half-Elf Bard in freeing her Son. You approach the Villain’s Lair, a Ruined Fort of aged mossy stone.

Can I hear, see, or smell anything unusual in the surrounding area?

There is an obvious front gate, several high windows. You smell cooking fires, and hear muffled voices above the rampart.

I look to see if @GoombaTrooper97 is awake. Then pull my rapier out. I slowly head towards the wall as quiet as can be. I attempt to scale the wall to get a peak into the front left window.

Sneaking close to the Old Fort, peering within, 3 Men-At-Arms sit by a fire warming their hands, guarding a Heavy Iron Door.

I call upon the great powers of the Outsiders to cause the fire to come alive, hopefully scaring them away!

Entering the Fort a torch lit corridor lays before you. There’s a side door & a stairwell going up & down at the hall’s end.

I approach the side door, listen at it – and than ask one of my party members to open it. #RPG #DungeonsAndDragons Move silently to the door and listen. Check for traps.

Seeing no trap, beyond the door you hear voices. Thru a crack you see 2 men dividing coins, profit from their blackmailing.

Spring into the room with sword drawn, demanding to see the prisoner.

Kicking in the door you charge, weapons drawn. The men jump up. One fumbles to draw his blade, the other draws a flintlock.

I throw a dagger at the man with the flintlock, saying “It’s knife to meet you!”

Your knife strikes the gunman’s hand sending his flintlock flying. The sword man lunges, cutting deep into your shoulder.

I splash the blood as deliberately as possible in his face and call for a blood based curse on him.

Reeling from your spell, the swordsman staggers in pain and falls unconscious. The other blackmailer dives for his pistol.

I use mage hand to pick up the pistol first and close-fisted backhand him to the face. #inyourface

Having vanquished the guards you bind your wound & loot a key. Returning to the hall you see a stairwell twisting up & down.

Climb to the highest room in the tallest tower.

Climbing the stairs you see a flagstone hall lined with windows. Ahead is a heavy door. A guard leans beside it half asleep.

Casting sleep, move up to place a flagon of wine in his hand in case someone finds him, to not arouse suspicion.

The guard handled, you check the door. Inside you see a plump Noble talking with a Man In Armor, gold passing between them.

As you prepare to confront the Leader of the Blackmailers, you hear armored footsteps coming up the stairwell behind you!

Nothing #Irolleda3

You’re caught off guard as a Swordsman traps you in the hall! He draws his blade and charges, shouting to sound the alarm!

I pull the carpet runner to trip the newcomer and jump into the room, barring the door behind me. #theflowersarestillstanding

You send the Guard crashing down the staircase! Turning you find The Lead Blackmailer blocking your way, his pistol leveled.

Summon my brown pants.

The Villain smirks, his pistol level. “So, thought you’d play the Hero? Pity. Your story ends here!” Time slows as he fires!

“Swearing by my floral bonnet, roll to end him.”

The Villain Fires, striking your arm! With a savage cry you bury your blade deep in him. He gurgles & slumps to the floor.

I respond heroically “oowwwwwiiiiiiieeeeeee” #LikeABoss

Standing over the fallen Lead Blackmailer, you clutch your wounds & enter his office. Inside a Noble cowers behind the desk.

“Approach the noble, push him to the corner, tell him to release the bard’s son or taste my blade! #choosequickly

Cowering the Noble agrees, “Of course! Anything you want! I’ll hand over your friend’s contract, its yours! Just let me go!”

I collect the contract then proceed to clean him out, make him carry it out the back with me and load my trusty steed Tina

You lead your prisoner outside where two Guards have just dismounted. The Noble yells, “Help Me You Fools!” and dives aside!

I calmly stalk the Noble, and skewer him. I turn to the guards and say, “I think he got the point.”

The Noble falls dead. The shocked Guards draw weapons & charge! The first swings wide, the second knocks you to the ground!

I temporarily liquify the ground around them and let it revert when they are up to their knees #YoureGrounded

The first Guard is trapped by your spell, the other deftly leaps past it! He tackles you head on, pinning you to the ground.

“Sorry, I don’t swing that way” then swing at him with a mean right hook. #WordPlay #YoureNotMyType

Knocking the Guard aside you jump to your feet. You’re both disarmed. The Guard spits blood, grins & takes a fighting stance.

I lunge and try and bite him in the jugular.

You lash out at the Guard only for him to sidestep your attack, tripping you into the mud. He laughs & kicks you in the ribs.

Staggering to your feet you prepare to fight. Smiling viciously the Guard throws a fierce left hook barely missing your jaw.

He fell for my trick and now I have him right where I want him as I flip the dagger from my slave nearly into his ribs. #ouchie

The Guard collapses, his lung punctured. Staggering to your feet you brush off the dirt and scoop up the blackmail papers.

Continue to search for the boy, muttering, “I need a good ale after this”, turning into the next hallway.

Re-Entering the Ruined Keep you creep down to the Lower Level. You enter a cold dank torch lit hallway with two heavy doors.

Check the doors for traps!

You find no traps on the doors. One is locked, the other is ajar. Within the lit room you hear raised voices & a whip crack.

Immediately roll for Stealth and hide!

Sneaking to the door you peek inside. You see Two Guards overseeing a dozen young workers, ankles chained to their stations.

I roll a 10 and listen in on the conversation.

Listening from the hall, the Guards berate the captives. This shipment of Widow’s Kiss Poison must be ready to ship by dawn!

Cast lightning bolt!

Your spell blasts a Guard sending him flying. The workers cower. The other Guard lashes out with his Whip, into your chest.

Eleanor the tall dwarf steps in, severing the whip after it’s blow. The player is wounded, but the guard is unarmed.

The disarmed Guard steps back and grabs a prisoner. Holding the young boy in a choke he threatens, “Throw down your weapon!”

I sneer, take a knee and send my blade skittering across the floor. The guard watches the blade, I pull my boot dagger & throw!

Your Dagger flies true and hits the Guard! He staggers back, releasing the boy while clutching his wounded neck and cursing.

Reaching my hand out for the boy “Come with me if you want to not die”.

The boy prisoner runs to your side, the wounded Guard turns & grabs a vial of poison. He pours it on his dagger then lunges!

Push the boy to the side and duck, grabbing the wrist of the guard and pushing the knife to him.

The Guard wrestles with you for the Dagger! It goes flying, the Guard uses it as a distraction & punches you hard in the jaw!

Try to stay on my feet while staggering from the blow, swing my fist at him. *Rolled a 9

The Guard’s blows are merciless, despite your best efforts his punches are staggering knocking you down, the world spinning.

One he is softened up by my face-to-fist technique, I judo flip him, pulling his arm out of its socket. #TrainedWrongAsAJoke

You wrestle with the Guard & break free! You stagger to your feet, the Guard takes advantage of the moment & grabs his whip.

I grab powder from my pocket and throw it in his face. Then I strangle him with his own whip.

The Guard finally collapses under your assault! The room contains 6 young prisoners & an order for the next batch of Poison.

Quickly ask if any are the boy you came to rescue. Pocket a couple of vials and smash the rest. Free the prisoners.

You return to Town with the prisoners to a Hero’s welcome! You have a vial of Widow’s Kiss Poison & the Blackmail Documents.

You Find 3 Leads. 1) A Noble House using Blackmail, 2) A Warehouse Order for Poison, 3) An Alchemist Known for Exotic Works.

I will go to the authorities and volunteer to bring the not-so-noble family to justice #GoForTheGold

The Miles Family is implicated in running a cartel of forcefully indentured workers. You find their estate in the country.

Sneak in with the workers to gather Intel.

Posing as a newly hired housekeeper you slip into Miles Manor. The Estate is well appointed, the staff begin their routine.

Follow the staff while observing everything I can, listening to everything. Look for secret rooms without being suspicious.

You overhear a Maid mention strange books in the study & late night meetings in the Cellar. You also notice an askew Portrait.

I correct the portrait. No one hangs a portrait on an angle intentionally, and maybe it will provoke a reaction? I straighten the portrait as part of my servantly duties, but wiggle it a little first to check for secrets. Try and trade off shifts to get night duty. #OfCourse

You adjust the Portrait above the Hearth & discover a Small Alcove behind it. Inside there is a Safe with an Enchanted Lock.

Use magic lock pick and try to open without looking suspicious.

Inside the Safe you find some Jewelry, a Vial of Poison & a Wax Sealed Letter. “What are you doing?” A voice behind you asks.

I point at my broom and say in a horrible accent: “Cleaning.”

Turning you see the Butler who scowls “You’ve cleaned yourself out of a job!” He walks up & grabs the pilfered items from you.

Still speaking in the bad accent, point at the butler yelling “thief! Thief! Master!” And run out of the room.

You try to flee only to run into a Man-At-Arms in the hall. He grabs your collar as the Butler orders him to restrain you.

Cast a memory spell on them to make them forget what just happened. Get out of the guards grasp, walk casually to the kitchen.

The Safe Documents in hand, you slip into the Manor’s Kitchen. You hear voices coming from the Cellar, one sounds furious.

I’ll start cutting the vegetables for the stew while trying to listen in.

You overhear “No more Excuses! I want that Shipment of Widow’s Kiss on the Ship by Dawn!” His footsteps head your direction.

I roll stealth, 15 + 8. I am one with the shadows. I’m just going to chill with my ale. #dnd #dnd5e #rpg

Lord Miles storms out of the cellar followed by an angry Alchemist. They both exit to a waiting carriage & head to the docks.

I follow from a distance, attempting to disguise myself as a beggar to not attract attention. Everyone ignores beggars.

The carriage reaches the Dock, Lord Miles & the Alchemist board a Barge anchored off a pier. Two guards stand by the pier.

I jump in the water because nobody thinks twice about beggars jumping into the bay. Then I polymorph into a marlin. #Foolproof

Swimming alongside the Ship you hear Lord Miles irate over the delays, emphasizing the big day is at hand. He goes below deck.

I don’t know, I’m just a fish. #JustKeepSwimming

You overhear the Ship’s Captain, at Midnight they will sail up river & deliver the crates of Widow’s Kiss Poison to a buyer.

I revert, dimension door into the lower hold of the ship and see how many holes I can make in the hull. #ItsAGame

Teleporting into the Barge you find yourself behind a stack of crates. Lord Miles is inspecting the Poisons on the far side.

Quietly begin dumping out the poison on my side, finding a better hiding place. Cast a spell to look ghostly in case I’m seen.

As you sabotage the Poison a crate slips exposing you! Lord Miles turns, grasping his Saber. He glares “How’d you get here?”

“I was hired by Mr. Miles to move crates on this here barge.” Show a blank paper and give him a paper cut as he looks at it.

“I never hired you,” Lord Miles snarls, drawing his Enchanted Poisoned Saber. Blocking the Exit he cries out, “Guards!”

“Fair ‘nuff” as I turn into a flame elemental and begin to set everything in sight ablaze. #OooooPretty

You try to set the Barge ablaze only to be stopped short as Lord Miles lashes out with his Saber. Two Guards rush to his aid.

You try your best to Defend yourself but Lord Miles and his Guardsmen quickly back you into a corner, your back to the Hull.

I take a hit from the guards so that I can avoid the poison blade as I wrestle it away from Lord Miles.

Hitting Lord Miles in the temple you Daze him, wrestling his Poisoned Magic Blade from him. The Guards hesitate & step back.

Strike them both with lighting speed and prescient precision. #IAmALeafOnTheWind

You Strike Down the two Guardsmen with ease. Turning to Lord Miles you are struck Frozen by his Hold Person Paralysis Spell.

I play along, letting him think he had control over me but keep a firm grip on his blade. #finderskeepers

Lord Miles gloats, drawing a Poisoned Dagger. “Time to Finish You.” As he steps forward his Paralysis Spell over you breaks!

I roll to disarm him…..and the dagger (then we can talk. I wouldn’t hurt an ‘armless man)

You Lunge, Disarming Lord Miles. He staggers back, cornered, “You expect to take me alive?” He grabs for a vial of Poison.

I aim a strike at the vial before he gets it to his mouth “I only want to talk.” #AmILying #probably

You knock the vial from Lord Miles’s hand. He straightens his back & glares “Then Talk, but don’t expect me to answer Pleb!”

I talk with the hilt of my sword and knock him out “I never expected you to answer”.

You carry your unconscious prisoner, Lord Miles, ringleader of the Poison Cartel, away from his Ship, to a secure location.

I make sure that he can’t get away before seeking out my contacts, to find out how much influence this cartel has.

Your contacts reveal the Poison Cartel has ties all over the Region planning something major for the Crimson Skies Festival.

Needing more information, I try to find out if any of the authorities or the guards are on the payroll of the cartel.

You are tipped off that Guard Captain Montel & his men are being paid by the Poison Cartel to turn a blind eye to their plan.

You make your way to the Guard Barracks to investigate Captain Montel’s loyalties. The sandstone fort has seen better days.

As the Guardsmen change watch you slip into the Barracks to find evidence of their treachery. The hallway before you is dark.

I sneak into the guard captains quarters and make sure he turns two blind eyes to the crime around him. #eyeseewhatyoudidthere

You creep thru the Barrack, dodging a patrol, & find the Captain’s quarters. The door is locked, light flickers from inside.

I cast “friends” and knock on the door!

A Guard opens the doors, smiling as your Charm spell takes effect. A booming voice behind him demands “Who is it this time?”

I say” hey buddy what’s going on?! Long time no see! Who’s that I hear back there?”

You pass the Charmed Guard & see Captain Montel glaring over his desk “You’d better have a reason for interrupting my work!”

“Captain Montel I presume?” As I take out a scroll and act like I’m filling out an important form. ” I am Osros. Garbage inspector”.

Captain Montel eyes you critically, placing a hand on his saber “You’re no city official, explain yourself or be arrested!”

I throw down the nobleman’s crest ring and say “It’s over” then cast darkness. #IAmTheBat

Captain Montel’s eyes go wide with realization as the room is shrouded in Magical Darkness. He cries out, “Guards! To Me!”

I sneak behind him and hamstring him and lay in wait for the guards.

Your blades cut deep into the Captain’s leg. He staggers, growling for his guards. Chaos fills the dark room.

I step in to the shadows and ready my long bow and aim at the door and wait for the guards to come through.

Using the Dark to your Advantage you slay the first Guard to heed his Captain’s call! Then the Dark vanishes, a Light Spell!

Cast thunderous smite and perry the captain in the neck then use thaumaturgy to brighten the room to blind them once again.

The Guards are stunned by your Magic, but Captain Montel steels himself, rebuffing your efforts & tackling you over a desk!

I grapple with the captain and cold heartedly try to wrap his own arm around his neck to break his neck or chock him to death.

You wrestle with Captain Montel sending both of your weapons across the floor. The Guards are slowly orientating themselves.

You draw your Dagger, swearing to slay Montel if he continues to support the Poison Cartel, then escape in the confusion.

As the smoke clears, I help the captain to his feet. “Sir, what did the assassin mean about the poison cartel?” I ask confused.

I Head to the Crimson Skies Festival to stop this potential disaster and out Montel. I keep my eyes open for suspicious guards.

You enter the Festival grounds. Hogs are roasting, children run with streamers. You see no sign of the Poison Cartel’s plot.

It’s clearly too good to be true. Have the Mage use detect thoughts to find secret cartel workers.

You’re tipped off, Guards are keeping a Tavern secluded from Revelers. Crates there match those from a Poison Cartel Barge.

Watch the guards from a distance to see more of what is going on.

You watch the Royal Gryphon Tavern, Guards steer festival goers away but give certain vendors sealed crates to distribute.

Tackle one of the vendors and open the crate. What is inside?

You open a crate of small bottles of wine. The vendor yells, “Hey! No one drinks until we toast the Ambassador’s arrival!”


The new Byrdanian Ambassador has not yet come ashore, the locals are to all toast with imported Byrdanian Red when he docks.

Run through the streets yelling that the wine is poison!

As you try to warn the masses of the Poison, a Guardsman shoves you down an alley “Quiet you! Or I’ll knock your teeth out!”

Knock his teeth out.

Clenching a fist you land an uppercut to the Guard sending him reeling. He staggers into the open getting the crowds attention.

Force some poison down his throat to get the attention of the masses and show what will happen if they partake in festivities.

You try to force the Poisoned Wine down the Guard’s throat, but another Soldier rushes to his aid! The crowd gathers around.

I slip into the crowd in an attempt to leave stealthily.

You evade the Guards into the crowd. The Ambassador is set to land in One Hour, give a Speech then lead the crowd in a Toast.

…What Do You Do?

The Story Continues...

Anyone can join Twitter Quest at any time! It doesn’t matter what class or race your character is, nor what level! All you need to do is send in a Tweet responding to the latest update in the story with what you would do. It’s that easy! We look forward to seeing where the journey takes us, and seeing you join the Party on Twitter Quest!

Here’s a Shout Out to all of those Twitter Followers who have had their Tweets added to the story so far!


































Hail the Victorious Party of Heroes!

. . .

Originally published by P&P

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